The novel of the great white shark

 350 million years of evolution: that deserved better than horror films or bad novels... 

250 pages to become a great white  and confuse his mind !


The questions that you are already unconsciously starting to ask yourself will gradually become obsolete when your neurons will gradually model themselves on those of this resurrected predator. As if everything that constitutes your mind (your esprias in reality), made up of diverse and varied ramifications and entanglements by the billions, could never have for a single moment understood the exact meaning of the existence of the universe: this Supreme Grail that the kanakäs have been striving to seek since the dawn of the understanding of things under their tailless prism...


Beyond all biogeometaphysical questions, the objective of Aumakua is above all to serve as a hypothetical deductive behavioral prism of Carcharodon carcharias: a mystery as much for ichthyologists as for humanity and all the better for that! In this regard, the unsuccessful attempt at captivity of this species by humans to make it a beast of a fair, only magnifies it further. Unlike the cetaceans of marineland, the latter are "fortunately" devoid of certain cognitive faculties forcing them to pursue the adventure of language inherent in that of the survival of marine mammals: these social beings hoping together or in isolation for the coming of salvation despite of the most incredible adversities and tortures.

 *Unique representation of a white shark mating (never observed in real life) 

& reflections...

 And yes, white sharks and other species elsewhere can pride themselves on succumbing to these incompatibilities relating to their impossible captivity: a specific metabolism sensitive to the absence of stimuli of absolute freedom. In this, they represent a certain quintessence of independence and autonomy. They thus have the chance to escape the bay windows of giant aquariums as the last frontier to the horizons of human herds with blinding flashes of ignorance. Knowing that they will never be able to equal this level of freedom, would they not secretly try to tame its inaccessible nobility in desperation? 

Extract : 

 I went back to an intermediate level after this sufficient recovery of energy and decided to go and pierce the surface close to these lost islets; It was then that I saw, like a bite of multicolored lines cutting into the side of a darkened gray ether, a strange semi-circular beam crossing the whole of this infinite vault. This sort of impalpable impromptu rainbow was as if made up of a complete range of spectral colors organized in continuous parallel bands. What a phenomenon as mysterious as it is incredible!