Elran Valceka

Writer, independent researcher biogeographer & graphic and behavioral specialist of the open-hearted white shark:

 Fragile like crystal, sensitive like the surface of water in rain and wind and determined like a meteorite crashing into a telluric star. One day, a human being was born on earth surrounded by his family. Then, a day came when his family disappeared far too soon. So, human beings roamed the world according to circumstances, seeking at the same time the unconscious memory of their ancestors and indelible and eternal landmarks. He thus forged for himself, one thing leading to another, a spirit in its own right, a free electron in communion with sacrosanct baryonic matter. She manages to speak to him and in return he manages to answer her: the truth has no reason and no price other than that of incandescent lava foaming from telluric neurons. Everything else is just maddening spittle driven by Coriolis trade winds. 


 Writing: the language of Aumakua 

 Does a great white shark or more generally animals think like humans? This question is falsely debated. Obviously not. However, animals are well equipped with a specific “language”, that is to say a system of exchange of information more or less elaborate in order to optimize their survival of genus and species. If they knew how to “speak” like us, in this case, the question would no longer arise. So, how is this difference between them and us articulated? Perceive and conceive are the two verbs which in reality fundamentally oppose us. So, in order to make this specific language at the source of a white shark's thoughts plausible and alive, it was as natural as it was obligatory to both restrict and invent its own vocabulary in order to authenticate its origin. unique while avoiding confusing it as much as possible with that of humans. In short, a balancing act! It is to be hoped that this sacrifice will perform the literary magic so sought after for the occasion. To this end, a glossary makes it possible to complete the reading and understand certain semantic orientations.Furthermore, physicists and chemists were mistaken in differentiating transformations into two types - spontaneous and non-spontaneous - because in both cases: they are spontaneous. It was necessary to understand that the difference between these two modes comes from the existence or not of a specific transformation program or not (or increased). Example: gravity, light, etc., are as spontaneous as the transformations resulting from living organisms... So what is the difference between the two? The existence of a program for organizations! It was disconcertingly simple to observe and understand it. However, today we still make the difference between spontaneous or non-spontaneous without explaining the exact reason and by using an inappropriate adjective (spontaneous). From then on, the character in this novel sets out in search of the exact functioning of the world and the universe in addition to experiencing his own adventures! 

History: birth, themes, articulations, objectives

 The idea of the Aumakua dates precisely from 1998. Like a totem animal, the intuition for this story appeared as an extension of a close psychological relationship with this emblematic species since a very young age. While starting to write the Aumakua for twenty years without ever really finding the time or a satisfying harmonious plot, everything was just suspended “puzzle pieces” lost in makeshift notebooks. It is the graphic representations and sculptures which have taken over until now. Then, after the publication of the first two works, one of which was on the functioning of the universe and then an autobiographical novel, the Aumakua was finally able to consider itself more serenely and seriously. The introduction of reflections on the universe-life system would become one of the common threads. The writing thus progressed from 2018 and became articulated in a more organized manner while respecting the linguistic constraints set from the start. Based on this long-term theoretical work on the functioning of the universe begun in 2004 after studying Geography, the story of Aumakua will gradually become a “metaquatic” tale in which the central character recounts his quest. understanding of what surrounds him alongside his underwater adventures. Implicitly, this allows this innovative theory to be presented in a different way via this mythical animal like a splendid aquatic extraterrestrial. The general plot is thus enriched and reinforced.This work is also and above all an allegory allowing us to evoke the place of humanity, not only as that of a super predator, but first and foremost as that of a super intercessor. He attempts to put into perspective a form of dictatorial environmentalism nourished by primary anthropomorphism blinded by the absence of real scientific culture and media brainwashing unleashed since the advent of digital technology. This thus makes it possible to highlight the current multi-millennial dogmatic void (notably Judeo-Christian) which no longer offers any framework of true understanding of the world while generating delusional individualism and over-consumption behavior by using a current pseudonym. low-level eco-guilt to hide their widespread religious, cultural, political, economic and scientific defeat instead of questioning themselves. Do white sharks, whales and bees send rockets to other planets? Let's ask the dinosaurs what they think... 


Here is the one and only true atomic bomb that humanity should face: the ultimate secret of the universe delivered by this wonder of the oceans!