The great white shark: him, us, the world living in competition.

Become a great white shark and experience the marine world like never before in search of its secrets while avoiding its multiple traps and dangers.

The environment: the universe, the sky, the stars and the boiling sea.

Confront the forces of the environment by seeking the meaning of this fundamental difference between the living world and the ultra-powerful primitive world: what is hidden behind this dichotomy?

Men: extraordinary creatures in abundance.

Discover this intercessor organism dominating the food chain like never before. Confront him by trying to understand the meaning of his existence while trying to escape him.

Questions: what are we in reality and what is hidden behind all these interdependencies?

Change your perception of the world and humanity and discover how the universe works. Today, men are in a total impasse, ecological, scientific, cultural, religious, political and economic. Faced with the constraints of the relentless environment, how will they succeed in adapting and changing their behavior? Will they be able to understand the exact meaning of the universe to succeed in finding solutions for their own survival?

Become a great white shark :

          An explosion as powerful as it was unexpected rang out. The akrös suddenly dispersed and then disappeared. This explosion seemed to come from the platforms; the kanakäs had surely tried to frighten these spectral obligators in a way that still escaped me. I took advantage of their absence to approach one of the last syagrius painfully extricated towards the surface. However, should I take the risk of going to meet what had sent the akrös to flight? Against all expectations, the remains of a syagrius torn apart by them reappeared in the fluid thrown from the intangible, as if this part of the amputated body was of no interest to the kanakäs or whatever. Seeing this head with its livid oculi and its saquirlat red trail cutting vertically through the deep blue towards the dark, I abandoned the idea of attacking my initial target. Instinctively, the opportunity to seize this organic debris, apparently free of any link with the kanakäs, won out.

L'Aumakua by All Univers Publishing House :

          Our constitution was thus made that at the front we were profiled to pierce it and at the back profiled to constrain it: this metabolic combination made us and our reason for being and acting perfect representatives of this element. infinite transporter. I used several terms to name it such as incompressible or fluid. But depending on its particularities, its colors, its behavior, its energy level and the regions crossed, other names came to me to describe these larger or more homogeneous characteristic areas. The blue world, as I named this first medium of the fluid encountered at the end of the black world, was the one in which I was going to continue my function ordered by it.

An extraordinary metaquatic tale!

It is an aquatic novel or a sort of machine to transform into an extraordinary marine animal: the great white shark. Opening this book is like transforming into a grandiose animal and experiencing the oceans like never before without bias or half-measures. This magical book, in a way, is therefore the means of exchanging one's biological and psychological state as a human with that of a white shark. This book therefore requires a certain capacity for adaptation and imagination. It is also a kind of new "flagship" book exposing a new theory on the functioning of the universe more in line with reality. The Aumakua therefore allows you to travel in the seas and oceans, but also in the entire universe in search of the coveted answers about its reason for being and its functioning. Far from being an esoteric work, it also exposes a new theory never seen before, by indirectly developing a new societal paradigm in complete opposition to the prevailing single thought and the Judeo-Christian system which has become completely obsolete and misleading.