Galerie du grand requin blanc

Behavioral and graphic specialist of the white shark but also professor of history and geography, Elran Valceka known as "Valka" specializes in graphic representations of the great white shark. Passionate about nature and the marine world, he turned to the white shark from a very young age to instinctively find a stable and indelible reference point. Its objective is to succeed in capturing the very essence of this mythical animal in its purest expression, but also to raise public awareness of the relationships between man and animal and their respective place in the environment. Who is the real predator and who is truly free? Using classic techniques both in pencil and oil paint, the expression of movement but also the colors, attempt to magnify this emblematic animal without falling into the usual exaggeration. Several works created according to circumstances and inspirations: canvases, cardboard, paper, oil, lead, pastel, charcoal and sculpture.

Expositions et postes

2000 - Responsable d'expéditions en Méditerranée pour l’association Céta-Squale à bord de la goélette Ann Christine avec Luc Maresco, Arronax production, Julien Rocher & Frédéric Presles. 

2003-2004 - Membre de la Société française d'ichtyologie

2012 - Bernard Seret meeting Paris, France 
2010 - Porte Dorée museum Paris, France 
2007 - Hambourg EEA meeting Hambourg, Allemagne 


Devenez enfin un être dépourvu de toute barrière et entrave hormis l'inertie...

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