Discover Elran Valceka's masterpiece & experience the great white shark: a breathtaking immersion!

Infinity life “Novel” Prize was awarded to Elran Valceka for his work The Aumakua: the Novel of the Great White Shark Publishing by All the Universe


This extraordinary metaquatic tale is full of meaning and substance, without forgetting suspense. It shows in a completely new way the place of humanity through the impartial gaze of an emblematic figure of the oceans: the great white shark. Aumakua presents itself and thus works as an objective reflection of the living world without falling into primary anthropomorphism. It also implicitly exposes a never-before-seen theory on the functioning of the universe still escaping humanity, its all-powerful leaders and the masses blinded as much by hedonism as the fear of death and the unknown. Like a space-time gateway, experience the great white shark from the inside: a mystery for scientists and all of humanity!

Fourth cover

Result of innumerable cycles of evolution lost in the profusion of infinite time, I awakened as others of my since-disappeared peers awakened in the past. Like the fluid that transported them to worlds as improbable as they were unheard of, their memories flowed just as much into my mind as into the saquirlat working inside my metabolism. These ancestral fellows opposed the most terrifying creatures and the most devastating environmental forces. From now on, I too had to honor them by facing the same adversities as well as this creature of a new kind: a most unexpected esprias half proactive-half infractive. Bound by so many vagaries of grandiose forces, what will become of us if he fails in his duty: that of an ultimate intercessor?

Publishing All the Universe

An independent publishing house representing French humanist literature committed to the defense of fundamental freedoms, independent sciences, respect for living things, cultures and nations. Éditions tout l'univers echo the Hachette encyclopedic collections of the same name printed in the 1970s. They thus pay homage to this remarkable collection of simplicity, eclecticism, nobility and erudition more and more often thrown into the fire ! Knowledge has today been lost in the twists and turns of the internet and these digital technologies in a sort of anarchic retention in misleading forms of democratization of knowledge. Knowledge is found above all in books and magazines and not on the internet.

Editorial and political line

The dramatic situation of our world is no longer a cause for celebration or commemorations that have become obsolete or guilt-inducing. People take refuge in their homes, close their shutters, their doors and their souls on what really surrounds them to continue to gorge themselves on nothingness because they are corrupted by the consumer society of an unscrupulous stateless elite. Let us resist all-out corruption through the ambient media perversion and these soporific world cups and hope for a real tomorrow: this will already go a long way so that we can really get together as a family and commune with authenticity in a world currently in the grip of foreign interference sowing hypocrisy and widespread blindness. Editorial line: the true and the authentic whatever the style or prism borrowed.

Elran Valceka

A wandering entity part quantum particles part electro brain waves, both star core and molten nuclear power plant heart, shaper of impassable crystallized elephant feet. The Second World War and post-war society gave birth to principles of societal management that still feed on each other. Humanity is advancing in its control of itself and its environment to the rhythm of disasters of all kinds and its pseudo-scientific advances. It feeds on it as best it can for worse and for better, but it is always certain Men who ultimately make History, the others, however powerful they may be or not, are only confused and confusing puppets. .


Two versions illustrated in color or black and white to choose from